Your custom fitness blueprint is a snapshot of your current fitness level and body composition. Also included in your CFB are initial recommendations for how to improve in these areas based on your goals. With this information you can confidently embark on a mission for greater health and happiness. Your CFB is the starting point of our training and is FREE with a signed contract. Learn more.


Working with a personal trainer will increase the likelihood of your success whether you’re just starting out or have specific fitness goals. Work with a trainer to learn, be motivated, stay focused, have fun, train safe and most importantly REACH YOUR GOALS! Discover how a personal trainer can help you find long term success.


Pilates is a workout that delivers profound body results while creating better mind-body connection. It is a kinder, gentler exercise for your body with an emphasis on core strengthening. Pilates can be customized to suit everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes to active older adults. Learn more about pilates benefits.


Finding practical ways to cook and eat a diet based on whole foods is the cornerstone for Urban Fitness Twin Cities Nutrition. Together we will determine how quickly to implement new changes, how much structure and accountability is needed and what tools and improvements will lead you to the highest level of sustainable success. Find out how better nutrition can be a part of your training experience!