Addie Kelzer

Growing up I was a fit and healthy kid. I ran track every spring and enjoyed snowboarding during the winter. When I first moved to Minnesota to go to college, staying fit wasn’t one of my priorities.

I adopted a sedentary lifestyle and dined indiscriminately in the cafeteria. I became lethargic and unproductive. My poor nutrition led to severe acne and I gained twenty pounds immediately. My life was in disarray. I didn’t feel good or good about myself and wouldn’t until something changed.

I wanted more energy and a life that better represented who I felt I could be. After struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle, my weight fluctuated over the next 5 years. It wasn’t until the third time I’d shed that extra twenty pounds that it stuck. The key: KNOWLEDGE! I always had a passion for athletics and craved more information about nutrition. After earning my Bachelors degree, I went back to school for personal training and nutrition consulting.  These skills deeply impacted my own life and helped me build a career I feel passionate about.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll find me connecting weekly with my trainer to help me maintain focus on the essentials all week long! I try not to take myself too seriously, but I believe it is important that I exemplify the values and recommendations of Urban Fitness TC. My life is rich with relationships both personally and in business.

I like to bike, golf, make and send cards. I cook in batches and bake on occasion. I lie in my hammock and read whenever possible.  My husband, Kory, enriches my life and supports me on my quest to be awesome!

I am happy to offer safe and effective personal training as a nationally certified NPTI – Advanced Certified Personal Trainer. Additionally, my skills include NPTI Nutrition Consulting and a background in Stott Pilates Matwork. I established Urban Fitness TC in 2011 on fundamental fitness and nutrition principals although the practical application of these principals is the backbone of our training. Currently I perform more of an operations role and support our team of trainers and each client they inspire. We ask our clients to learn and grow every month and I also strive to do the same.

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