Coreene Lubelly

As long as I can remember, I have held a deep-seated passion for helping others with their health and wellness.  Over the years, I have discovered living a life of health includes a continuous progression of transforming the body from the inside out, allowing our physical bodies to tell the story of our internal emotional and spiritual well-being.

Experiencing fullness of life has been an exciting journey! While I was health conscious and fit by many standards, 4 years ago my life was filled with new possibilities by an innovative way of working out and a new paradigm of embracing an even healthier eating lifestyle.  After losing 20lbs and doing things I never thought possible for me like pushups and pull-ups, climbing ropes, sprinting, heavy weight lifting, my transformation revealed unprecedented strength and energy along with increased self-esteem and confidence.  In my heart I knew I was on the right path for myself and for others!

After working in Corporate America for over 20 years and receiving notice of a layoff, an “aha moment” triggered my innate passion for healthy living and helping others. This was the catalyst in changing the course of my work to becoming a Certified Personal Trainer.

I challenge myself and motivate others to “become comfortable with being uncomfortable because that is where change begins!” Yes, to do this a certain level of vulnerability takes place. That’s why with each session, I’m sensitive to create an environment where my clients can truly be themselves while taking steps and sometimes risks to progress toward their goals.

Living a healthy lifestyle becomes contagious and fun! It has strengthened my marriage as my husband and I have found new ways to stay healthy together in the way we eat, our workout program, and the multitude of revitalizing ways we stay young and active – truly experiencing the full abundance of life together.

In addition to my Personal Training Certificate through NASM, I am a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and have earned a Kettlebell Specialty Certification.  I love learning… for the sake of bringing it back so I can customize, share and impart its riches to all my clients.

Best of all, I can confidently say at the age of 50 I am the healthiest, fittest and strongest (physically, emotionally & spiritually) I’ve ever been in my life!

So regardless of age, athletic ability or current condition, I cordially invite you to say “YES!” to an adventure  and look forward to celebrating together as we discover your own best life from the inside out!

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