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Category: Fitness Equipment

What shoes to wear and where to look in the Twin Cities.

The shoes you wear can really make all the difference. Poor foot alignment can cause pain in your ankles, knees, hips and back. In contrast, good foot alignment can help prevent pain and injury in these areas. The shoes you wear can improve or damage your foot alignment and, therefore, can help or hurt your […]

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Foot Strengthening Exercises using a Flat Band

We spend so much time using our feet! We stand, walk, run, crouch, get something off a high shelf, etc. We may use lotion, trim our nails or do other things to take care of how they look, but we often neglect them when it comes to fitness. Strong feet can help make exercise and […]

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Foam Rolling Tips to Avoid Low Back Strain

Whether you’re currently a foam rolling fan or just trying it out, watch our video for tips to make sure you’re not increasing tension in the low back as you roll out. These tips are easy to implement and could be the difference in making sure your time on the roller is effective and not […]

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13 Reasons we ♥ Pilates

Joseph Pilates first brought his namesake form of exercising to the US in the 1930s. In his approximate thirty years of living and working in NYC, Joseph and his wife, a nurse, helped many people improve their health, recover from injury and prevent new injury. The same benefits that the Pilates’ students found from Joseph […]

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New Tool: text & email workout builder with pictures

New to Urban Fitness this month is our workout builder tool: HEP2Go (Home Exercise Program, shareable)! We couldn’t be more excited about having this tool to assist our clients better on solo workouts between sessions. Many people benefit from having a full explanation and photos of each movement, something that has been time consuming and difficult […]

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Small Group Training in South Saint Paul

  High Bridge Small-Group Personal Training Starting in South Saint Paul Year-round, Indoor workouts held near Smith Avenue and Morton Street help you establish a strong (and fun) fitness regimen! We’d like to invite you to get your sweat on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, 7:45am-8:45am. Starting September 9.28.15 1 week FREE preview prior to the start of […]

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Rock a Sleeveless Dress – Four Essential Exercises

A goal many of our clients have in common is to SCULPT AND TONE their ARMS!  You’ll only need a mat, a sturdy chair and a set of medium dumbbells to take advantage of these arm-shaping moves.  BONUS: Most of these moves are in plank so you’ll maximize your time by working core and arms simultaneously! Side […]

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Why you should include personal training in your wedding budget

#1    You are BUSY!  It is too easy to let your workout take a back seat to all the other time-sensitive items on your to-do list.  Scheduling an appointment with a trainer ensures that you will get your workout in as planned!  Working with a professional also ensures that the precious minutes you spend […]

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New UFTC Phone Number

Please note that Urban Fitness has a new phone number.  Please use this line for all inquiries and scheduling! 651.895.0774

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