New Tool: text & email workout builder with pictures

by Addie Kelzer

New to Urban Fitness this month is our workout builder tool: HEP2Go (Home Exercise Program, shareable)! We couldn’t be more excited about having this tool to assist our clients better on solo workouts between sessions. Many people benefit from having a full explanation and photos of each movement, something that has been time consuming and difficult to offer in the past. This new tool gives us a database of strength, stretch and rehab exercises to choose from! We can now:

  • organize photos of workouts,
  • modify description as needed
  • save for later
  • share

The part to really be giddy about?! The shareability! It’s impressively easy to get these workouts in the hands of our clients!


No matter how we share these workouts, the formatting is consistent and easy to use. Above you can see the PDF version which is easy to have printed or to send in an email.

You can also access the workout online by visiting the link listed at the top of each workout. Each invitation has an access code in order to view and keep secure.


And finally, these workouts can be sent via TEXT and show up surprisingly well on a phone or tablet. This function is incredibly useful as many clients have their phones with them during workouts but they won’t have to access email to use it.



We welcome feedback on the usefulness of this tool. Thanks to those of you who asked for a visual to more easily get solo workouts finished!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you all!

Sincerely, Addie


Addie Kelzer is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She strives to inspire the 
Twin Cities to make lasting lifestyle changes!

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