Oblique Torso Rotation with Theraband

by Addie Kelzer

Work your obliques without bending! (No twisting necessary either!)

Two versions of standing oblique exercises to try if you have a theraband or cable machine. Both versions will hold steady from the waist down, no movement in the hips as you resist the pull of the band or turn through the torso.

The first version we show here is great if you are not supposed to be rotating through the spine or flexing. Since the main movements to work the oblique are lateral flexion and rotation of the spine, this can be a tricky spot to work if you have contraindications. Our solution? Isometric work of the oblique against resistance, meaning you don’t have to move or rotate against the resistance, you will simply step out to the side, away from the resistance and maintain a straight spine. Your obliques will engage to keep you from rotating toward the resistance and maintain position pointed forward.

The second version allows you to increase the resistance and work through the range of motion while rotating your spine from above your hips. Do not pivot on the back foot or rotate through the back knee as you turn in the spine. Keep both feet firmly planted on the floor. If you find it difficult to keep your hips in place, practice with less or no resistance until you can separate the upper body movement from the stability of the hips and lower body. Some of our clients find it helpful to proactively pull the hip back as they rotate to keep them even. For example, as you begin your rotation of the spine to the right, think about subtly drawing the left hip back in order to keep it stable.



Having trouble feeling oblique exercises in your side and not your back? We can help! Schedule your free 90 minute consultation.

Addie Kelzer is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She believes that by making fitness and good food practical, her clients will hold the power to positively change their health and the health of those closest to them.

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