Obliques – Exercises that burn away love handles

by Addie Kelzer

I can’t get this song out of my head since I decided to write this post!  So here’s a little jam session to enhance your reading pleasure! Okay…back to those Burning Obliques 😛

Plank Hip Rockers

plank hip rocker rtPlank hip rocker left

These are effective to do rocking side to side as shown in the video below or to hold in the side position (shown above) for 10-20 seconds before rocking over to the other side.  Try this for a full minute if you really want to feel the burn!  Make sure to engage your deep abdominals (pull your belly button in toward you spine) and resist letting your hips drop below a straight line.  If you feel your low back on this exercise, pike your hips up a little.  Also, your toes may walk themselves out of position as you rock, bring them back underneath you as needed.

Video – Plank Hip Rockers


Plank drop knees to floor

Plank knee drop str8Plank knee drop

In high plank, make sure you’re engaging your deepest abs before you start.  I’m sure my clients wish they had a dollar for every time I said that 🙂  Without moving your body, bend your knees, bringing them close to the floor then straighten back out into plank.  The less your torso and upper body moves, the more your transverse abdominals will have to work!

Video – Plank Dropping Knees Toward Floor

Big thanks to Stef for being our model for these exercises!  She’s adding these moves to her routine as she gets ready for her June wedding!


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