Resource Share! Meal Prep in St. Paul + 5 Daily Moments to Make Better Decisions for Your Health

by Addie Kelzer

Awesome ideas are always coming into our wheelhouse via clients and other professionals! In an attempt to share these great resources rather than letting them stop with us, you can expect regular blog postings about them. Look for the Resource Share! heading.

Feb 24, 2018  – vegetarian meal prep workshop in St. Paul

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A smoothie for two surely says ‘I love you’

  • 1 cup + almond milk or water
  • 4 scoops protein (Included in the smoothie pictured is a mix of 2 scoops vanilla whey protein and 2 scoops beef collagen protein for a total of 40 grams)
  • ½ cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh mango. (I seem to be getting them on sale in February, is this their season?)
  • 1 frozen or fresh banana
  • *Add additional frozen fruit for super thick and creamy version.
  • Pour into 2 pint glasses, add a large straw and share with your valentine!











Article: 5 Daily Moments to Make Better Decisions for Your Health

Want to know five easy ways to make every day a little healthier? These five daily tips from can help you fit in a healthier diet and more exercise by capturing the moment to make a change!

App: Could you benefit from an app  to help stop online distractions?

MAC users, try the app SELF CONTROL that helps you focus, Mac users click the link to download or read reviews. You get to decide which websites to deny yourself and for how long! Find out more by watching this helpful YouTube tutorial on how it works!


SuperBowl LII

Kind of hard to believe this event happened in our city last week! Lots of buzz all around town and our clients in Minneapolis. Did you see our highlight of how some NFL and other professional athletes use Pilates to stay injury free and improve body control for their biggest games?! If not, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for more spontaneous information from us!

View the Sports Illustrated article here:


Addie Kelzer is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She believes that by making fitness and good food practical, her clients will hold the power to positively change their health and the health of those closest to them.

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