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Tag: alignment

Joint Health: Arm Exercise Scapular Stabilization-Hug a Tree

Get the most out of your arm exercises and protect you shoulder joints with some arm and shoulder blade isolation! Shoulder mobility and stability are extremely important for our everyday lives. A lack of either stability or mobility can lead to shoulder and neck pain and injuries. We often move our arms and shoulder bones […]

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Glute leg lift on the diagonal

Bonus: Work your core stabilization in this excellent glute exercise! This is a movement of the head of the femur around in the hip joint. If you wiggle and move through your hips or spine during these glute lifts you’ll miss out on major benefits! Take special notice of this and pull your abs in […]

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Straight Arm Tricep Blog

Straight Arm Triceps with Theraband

No weights, only a theraband and yourself are needed for this great upper arm workout! This exercise helps tone your arms by working all three of your triceps! It requires so little equipment and space that it is easy to do anywhere. It also works your triceps in a different way than most tricep exercises […]

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Bent Over Tricep with Dumbbell

Bent Over Tricep Extension with Dumbbell

Mix it up! Try this fun tricep exercise with a change of hand positions to work all three triceps! This exercises uses a combination of low weights and gravity to help you lose that upper-arm flab! All you need is a dumbbell and something to rest your hand on once you bend over. We recommend […]

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Proper Alignment for ‘On All 4’s’ position

Alignment matters! Ensure you’re not falling into these position ruts when doing exercises on all fours. Common mistakes shown with corrections to help you get the most out of any exercise on your hands and knees. Go ahead and try these with us so you’re better prepared for the next hands and knees exercise you […]

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Correctly place your scapula for rows

We find that the scapula is a little bit of a mystery to many people. After all, it’s a highly mobile bone with 6 separate movements and it’s hard to know exactly where it is or where it should be. Here are the movements of the scapula and common motions to help you understand when […]

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Improve standing posture with these key elements.

Three alignment tips to improve your posture! Poor posture, or alignment, can cause or increase pain. Good alignment can help prevent and reduce pain. In our newest vlog, Pilates pro and ballet dancer, Kaethe, explains three tips to help you check and improve your standing alignment. So find your nearest full-length mirror and watch our […]

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Alignment Workshop 11-10-18

Join us for a free workshop November 10, 2018 Stop in for individualized posture rehab beginning on the hour and half hour. Call with questions. See you there!                                                     Want […]

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