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Tag: bone and joint health

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a necessary part of any functional workout! Injury prevention is important because, at best, injuries are no fun. They disrupt our lives and leave us in miserable pain; and one injury often leads to more injuries. Besides the physical pain, injuries can increase or cause depression or other mental health issues. Therefore, […]

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Alignment – What is it?

What is Alignment: The definition of alignment is the arrangement of something in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions. Physical alignment is all about the placement of the bones of the body and their relationship to each other. Posture is a part of physical alignment. Most people consider posture to include […]

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Loaded Spine Farmer’s Walk

Improve your bone health with this easy exercise! CAUTION: Your greatest risk of injury is while picking up weights and setting them down, not during the walking portion of this exercise. Use proper form to pick up weights from the floor or low rack, never flex (round) your spine as you pick them up and […]

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Joint Health – Standing Marches with Hip and Leg Isolation

Make your hips feel good through isolation! We all tend to let gravity win and compress our joints in the process. This creates more wear and tear on our hips than is necessary.  Our hip and leg are connected by a ball-and-socket joint that is held together with muscle, tendons and tissue. Despite our legs […]

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Bone Health: Easy Jumping

Jumping is good for your bones and nothing to be scared of if done correctly!* As we get older, we become more afraid of jumping. However, when done carefully and correctly, jumping can be very good for us. It helps improve our bone density and, therefore, can help reduce the severity of osteopenia or osteoporosis […]

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