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Tag: core strength

Obliques on a Stability Ball

Need a unique exercise to strengthen your obliques? Try this variation using a stability ball and the wall. Typically, our clients find this exercise pretty comfortable on their spines. Also, because of the C-Shape spine you maintain throughout, drawing the belly button into your spine to help you do so, you’re likely to engage 4 […]

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Women laughing while one does side plank and the other teaches

Side Elbow Plank Plus Inner Thigh

Strengthen your shoulders, obliques, abs, and inner thighs with this great side plank variation! Working the inner thigh with no equipment takes a little creativity! Luckily, we have for you a great exercise to incorporate additional inner thigh work while in side plank. This exercise is intermediate to advanced, so having a good foundation of […]

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Teaser Prep with Inner Thigh Addition

Get the most out of our core work by adding some inner thigh work! Engaging your inner thighs makes it easier to engage your low abs. So why not add some inner thigh work to your core work? The best way to do this is to use a little ball. Think about how your pant […]

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Woman in downward dog while another teaches

Downward Dog to Plank, Double and Single Leg

Workout your shoulders, arms, legs and core all in one! As long as you can do a downward dog and a full plank* this exercise is an excellent, advanced, time-saving workout. It is also an exercise appropriate for pregnant ladies. Just be certain, if you are pregnant, that you are careful about not pushing your […]

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Bird Dog with Variations

An excellent core workout for all levels! This exercise is used by pilates instructors, personal trainers and physical therapists as a great way to build up core muscles, especially low core muscles. However, jumping in without any solid instruction means that you might not be getting the most out of this exercise. In this video, […]

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Side-Lying Oblique Torso Lifts

Try this challenging but fun oblique exercise! This exercise is great for slimming your sides and strengthening your obliques. If you don’t have a friend to hold your feet you can slip them under a very low table or cabinet or press them up against a wall. Be certain to keep your hips stacked on […]

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Oblique Torso Rotation with Theraband

Work your obliques without bending! (No twisting necessary either!) Two versions of standing oblique exercises to try if you have a theraband or cable machine. Both versions will hold steady from the waist down, no movement in the hips as you resist the pull of the band or turn through the torso. The first version […]

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Oblique Exercise with Leg Over a Chair or Barre

Work your obliques with this all-inclusive exercise! Obliques help you side bend and twist*. This exercise works both those functions of your obliques! Be sure you pull your belly button back toward your spine so you really work your obliques and don’t strain your back. Only bend as far as you can control with your […]

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Side bend ab exercise

Standing Side Bend Oblique Exercise with Dumbbell

This standing oblique side bend using a dumbbell or kettlebell is a great way to work your obliques from a standing position. If you have trouble getting down on the floor to do other kinds of oblique work or if your shoulders prevent you from doing even incline side planks, give this one a try. […]

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