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Tag: Pilates

Mini Swans/Cobra – Exercise to Improve Posture

Improve your posture; build upper back strength; improve your scapular stability; reduce neck and shoulder pain; reduce widows stoop…This exercise has SO many benefits! This exercise it great, when it is done correctly. Frequently, people do this exercise using their traps (upper shoulders) and hang into their low backs which destroys all the benefits of […]

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Ab Pulses with little ball (THE FOUNDATION TO LOW ABS)

Really learn how to engage those low abs! This exercise is one of our favorites for finding your low, low abs and feeling your abs engage in and open (instead of out, see our vlog on how to engage your abs to learn more about this). While these are our reasons for it being a […]

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Single Leg Kicks on Stomach

Build long and lean hamstrings with this great, isolating exercise! This exercise is great for helping to build hamstring strength while lengthening the front of your quad and hip. Key points to remember are: Hold your low abs and pelvic floor in and up. Press the front of your pubic bone into the floor. This […]

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Single Straight Leg Lifts on Stomach

Make walking easier, especially for your hip joints, with this great glute exercise! This exercise is great for strengthening your low glutes, hamstrings and low core! When done correctly, it also stretches the front and inside of your hips. The combination of strength, stretch and core stability that you gain from this exercise makes walking […]

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Woman on mat with feet on chair while another teaches

Bridges with Feet on a Bench or Chair

Work those glutes and hamstings with a little extra umph! These variations, with your feet on a wall or chair, add a little extra challenge to your bridges! You can do these with a straight back or a rolling spine, but, if you haven’t tried them before, our Pilates instructor recommends starting with the rolling […]

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Bow and Arrow with a Theraband

Work on your spinal rotation, your arms and your back all in one exercise! This Pilates exercise is a reformer exercise that you can also do on your mat at home. This exercise is primarily an arm and back exercise, focusing on your lats and your triceps. However, it is also great for spinal mobility […]

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Side-Lying Leg Lifts

Build strength in your glute, lateral leg, and hip while strengthening your core and other tiny, difficult-to-find muscles! This Pilates exercise is excellent for all levels of exercisers, from beginner to professional athlete. It is common in many a pilates mat class. It is great for building strength in your glutes, lateral leg, inner thigh, […]

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Straight Arm Tricep Blog

Straight Arm Triceps with Theraband

No weights, only a theraband and yourself are needed for this great upper arm workout! This exercise helps tone your arms by working all three of your triceps! It requires so little equipment and space that it is easy to do anywhere. It also works your triceps in a different way than most tricep exercises […]

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Upper and Lower Ab workout

Join us on the mat for several progressions for strengthening your lower and upper abs. All of these position your neck safely and in a way that is comfortable for most. You might also love that these exercises are all SMALL and PRECISE movements. No need to sit up all the way, throw your legs […]

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