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Wild rice, mushroom and Almonds Casserole Recipe

Wild Rice, Mushroom, Almond casserole

This great fall casserole, or hot dish, that will warm you inside and out! Wild Rice with Mushrooms and Almonds, and maybe dried cranberries, is an easy, delicious and nutritious meal! It’s like wild rice soup without the heavy broth. But check out our tips section below for an easy way to turn the leftovers […]

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Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup

If you’re a fan of Southwest flavored soups, you’ll likely enjoy this recipe! It’s easy and has similar healthy ingredients to tacos, but the green chiles and salsa verde will get you out of the ‘taco’ flavors and into something refreshingly different. If you’re making one pot anyway, you might as well double the recipe […]

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Smoothies: Add some healthy sweetness to your life!

Did you know the more sugar you eat the more sugar your body craves? It is a vicious cycle! We hear all the time how difficult it is to eat less sugar, either when one is trying to lose weight or just trying to eat healthier. Things like being tired and eating sweets to give […]

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Semi-homemade chicken noodles soup

Perfect for a day when you just need some comfort food!                                   This recipe calls for fresh ingredients that will last a while in case you don’t need them this week. Prep work: Place several chicken breasts in a […]

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Resource Share! Fun app for drinking H2O + Recipe videos

Awesome ideas are always coming into our wheelhouse via clients and other health professionals! In an attempt to share these great resources rather than letting them stop with us, you can expect regular blog postings about them. Look for the Resource Share! heading.   Plant Nanny – Water reminder app that grows cute plants Tracking […]

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Weight loss system, now a part of UFTC Training

About 6 months after getting my personal training certificate, my initial commitment to really turning my nutrition around was fading.  My good friend and personal training classmate asked me if I wanted to do this nutrition program with her. After looking at the details of Transition Lifestyle Solutions (TLS), it seemed like all of the nutrition […]

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Leveling Up Your Food Game

Having prepped my food most Sundays since 2012, my nutrition is 75% on cruise control. The other 25% is a mixture of positive and negative foods but I tend to take my liberties with cheese, sweets and other little treats in any given week. Many of the clients and friends I spend time with each week eat […]

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Less Cooking, Better Eating

PREPARE FOOD OR PREPARE TO FAIL I could list off all the changes I’ve made over the last 5 years to improve my own health and manage my weight. It has been a multi-step process to say the least. But I find that focusing on one change at a time makes me feel more focused, more […]

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Meal Prep: Baking several dishes at one temperature

With a work week that spilled well over into Saturday, I needed to maximize my Sunday R&R as well as my weekly meal prep.  I turned the oven on and within minutes had all three of the below ingredients cooking away, filling my house with delicious smells.  Since it would be a few hours until […]

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