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Tag: shoulder stretch

Single Arm Chest Stretch

An easy stretch for those tight computer (rounded) shoulders! You can do this stretch anywhere! All you need is a door way, a corner wall, a pillar or a fence post! It is a gentle stretch that helps open your shoulders and your chest and is perfect for anyone who spends hours at a computer […]

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Chest Stretch with Doorway

This easy, standing stretch requires only a doorway! Do you spend hours at a computer or on your phone? This chest opener will help open your chest and the front of your shoulders, prevent widows stoop and rounded shoulders, and reduce pain in your neck and shoulders! This stretch can also help improve alignment and […]

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Crossed Arm and Arm Behind Back Shoulder/Arm Stretches

This series of three stretches is easy and can be done anywhere! Perfect for anyone, these stretches can be done seated or standing, at work, at home, or wherever you start to tighten up! This series gets your upper arm, back, neck and arm pit. Key tips: Keep shoulders down/relaxed. Breathe. Remember which arm is […]

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Shoulder Stretch on Roller

Relax and open your chest and shoulders! This stretch is a client favorite because it is so relaxing! A few important things to remember to get the most out of this stretch: Hold your abs by pulling them into your spine. Keep your whole spine pressed into the roller. Relax your sternum. Place your arms at […]

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Shoulder Opener – Fingers Laced Behind Back

Keep yourself standing tall with less pain! This is a great stretch if you work at a computer all day or, as I have recently found out, if you are nursing a baby throughout the day! These two activities make it way too easy to fall into a slumped shoulder position and stay there for […]

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Woman in downward dog while another teaches

Downward Dog to Plank Exercise, Double and Single Leg

Work your shoulders, arms, legs and core all in one with this downward dog to plank exercise! As long as you can do a downward dog and a full plank* this exercise is an excellent, advanced, time-saving option for your core workout. It is also an exercise appropriate for pregnancy. Just be certain, if you […]

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Overhead Shoulder Stretch with Theraband or Towel

Got neck, shoulder pain or stiffness or a rounded upper spine? This stretch is great! We sit so hunched over (especially now with things like computers and smart phones), that the muscles in the front of our shoulders and chest get tight which restricts our arm and shoulder mobility. This stretch is an easy way […]

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Shoulders always up in your ears? Try this Upper Trap and Neck stretch.

Many things contribute to neck tension which is why I think so many people struggle with it and the discomfort it can cause! Stress, forward head posture, rounded shoulders, desk work and a million other things can create or add to an existing problem. Take some time in this upper trap and side neck stretch […]

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