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Tag: stretches

Follow Along Stretch Break – 10 minute Neck, Wrist and Finger Stretches

Make your neck feel better NOW! I ask that you please don’t just sit and watch! Follow along with me as we do some gentle stretching together, perfect for a break from your desk. You do not need to stand or turn yourself into a pretzel to accomplish any of this, just take a seat […]

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Crossed Arm and Arm Behind Back Shoulder/Arm Stretches

This series of three stretches is easy and can be done anywhere! Perfect for anyone, these stretches can be done seated or standing, at work, at home, or wherever you start to tighten up! This series gets your upper arm, back, neck and arm pit. Key tips: Keep shoulders down/relaxed. Breathe. Remember which arm is […]

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Shoulder Stretch on Roller

Relax and open your chest and shoulders! This stretch is a client favorite because it is so relaxing! A few important things to remember to get the most out of this stretch: Hold your abs by pulling them into your spine. Keep your whole spine pressed into the roller. Relax your sternum. Place your arms at […]

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Shoulder Opener – Fingers Laced Behind Back

Keep yourself standing tall with less pain! This is a great stretch if you work at a computer all day or, as I have recently found out, if you are nursing a baby throughout the day! These two activities make it way too easy to fall into a slumped shoulder position and stay there for […]

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Rotated Standing Hamstring Stretch

This stretch goes anywhere and will help you move easier! Contrary to what I said in the beginning, this is a STRETCH, not an EXERCISE! We show 3 variations of this Hamstring stretch to help you get all angles of a muscles group that’s commonly tight! 1) Toe pointed up toward the ceiling (middle) 2) […]

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Back Stretch – Forward Fold with Bent Knees

Stretch your back sitting or standing! (and get a hamstring bonus) This stretch is great because you can make it a back stretch by bending your knees, or a hamstring stretch by keeping your knees straight. If you go to a yoga class, this stretch is often done with both straight and bent knees in […]

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Back Stretch on Yoga/Stability Ball

Get ready to RELAX into this gentle back stretch. Pull the stability ball up against the front of your thighs before allowing your spine to flex forward, laying your torso completely over the top of the ball. If your back is noticeably tight, you may have trouble relaxing into this stretch and you may notice […]

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Side splits Stretch with Side Bend and Twist

Back, hamstrings and hips! Oh my! This is a great low back stretch while you’re seated on the floor that has an added hamstring, hip and side (lateral) stretch in it! Since your hamstrings, hips and low back are all related, stretching all three will help release whatever is tightest even more. Remember these key […]

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Back Stretch-Cat/Cow & Child’s Pose

Two gentle, easy-to-do stretches for low back tightness or discomfort! Cat and cow can be done anywhere as long as being on your hands and knees for a few minutes is comfortable for you. This combination of spinal flexion and slight spinal extension is a great place to begin if you’re feeling particularly stiff today, […]

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