Weight loss system, now a part of UFTC Training

by Addie Kelzer

About 6 months after getting my personal training certificate, my initial commitment to really turning my nutrition around was fading.  My good friend and personal training classmate asked me if I wanted to do this nutrition program with her. After looking at the details of Transition Lifestyle Solutions (TLS), it seemed like all of the nutrition education I had just learned at personal training school in a neatly configured package. I thought it could increase compliance with myself. I remember being hopeful that it would bring formality to my otherwise well intentioned but random eating plan.

Fast forward 5 years and I was re-introduced to the system that worked for me and helped me feel leaner within just the first week. While it was challenging to adhere even 90-95% with the fundamentals of the program (and detoxing off of sugar is NO JOKE for a sweets person), I remember feeling accomplished, leaner and like I had gained some skills in the food prep and adherence portions of my life. These skills are ones I practice almost every Sunday on my massive food prep day that fuels the rest of my busy week and has all those years since. Now I’ve just been sitting on the idea of tightening up my food choices again and if/how to share it with clients.

Many clients this time of year are ready to tighten up their habits for both nutrition and fitness and get back on a regular schedule. Summer is B-A-N-A-N-A-S and September is for transitions and to stop running around. As I write this, our trainer, Kaethe, texts me regarding our October programs that start next week, “When did we get to the end of September?!” I have to agree! While you can develop new habits any time you have sufficient motivators and a good plan, October feels like a time when there are still lots of plates in the air but at least they’re already spinning! The opportunity to put a new plate in the air feels possible!

I CHALLENGE YOU! If you feel as though you need to re-focus on quality nutrition and getting stubborn fat to go away, then you must be stubborn back! Commit to holding strong to the fundamentals of eating that you know will lead to success! I hope this program aids in your lifetime education and practice of eating in a way that makes life even sweeter.

  • Program roughly $200
  • 6 weeks
  • Meeting Wednesdays 6:45pm – 7:20pm 10/4 through 11/15 (At our Edina studio or call in).
  • Meetings optional for Personal training clients

Inquire with Addie@urbanfitnesstc.com or 651-895-0774.

Watch the overview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VT67BEes_MQ

If you’re interested in testimonials, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYjx_d0vVpg

Less and more regimented options available to meet your needs. You’ll take a survey to help you navigate which one or combo is best for you.



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