Why you should include personal training in your wedding budget

by Addie Kelzer

wedding-planning-in-progress#1    You are BUSY!  It is too easy to let your workout take a back seat to all the other time-sensitive items on your to-do list.  Scheduling an appointment with a trainer ensures that you will get your workout in as planned!  Working with a professional also ensures that the precious minutes you spend on fitness are focused and effective.  Too busy to tackle certain wedding projects?  Enlist the help of Twin Cities wedding planner Jenna to free up some of your time.  And no, Jenna can not do your cardio for you!

#2   Only a few wedding services will be useful AFTER the day of your wedding!  Select wisely your photographer and videographer as these images will be enjoyed for many years after your wedding.  My personal recommendation for breathtaking photos in the Twin Cities: Jeannine Marie Photography.  In addition to your images, looking good and achieving the body you’ve worked hard for is something that you’ll be able to use and take with you everywhere!  Take your new body to the wedding, to the hotel after, on your honeymoon and everywhere in between!

#3   You will be TIRED, OVERWHELMED and even EXHAUSTED through the planning process!  Making time for fitness gives you energy to get through your day.  Planning your own wedding can take as much time and energy as your regular job, making it easy to crash on the couch at the end of each day.  Working out regularly gives you an extra boost of energy to get the most out of your day!  Working with a trainer allows you time to turn your brain off and just move your body!  Be energized and more productive through regular workouts!

Our Slam Ball is made by a company called Rage. Think they know a thing or two about releasing aggression?

Our Slam Ball is made by a company called Rage. Think they know a thing or two about releasing aggression?

#4   You will be STRESSED!  As you plan the details of your wedding, you will likely want to kick or punch someone (hopefully on rare occasion and with self-restraint)!  Kicking, punching and throwing THINGS rather than people can be a great way to de-stress and will keep your friends, family and vendors happy and safe!  Release aggression by throwing a slam-ball around or doing some kick-boxing with your trainer.  Workouts fueled by intense emotion can provide a high calorie burn and pump good-feeling endorphins through your body!  Instead of coming home with a bad attitude and frustration toward anything and everything, channel that energy into working on yourself!  

#4b   STRESS can lead to OVER-EATING!  Often when we’re stressed we make excuses for our actions, mostly subconsciously, e.g. “What a SH&%%# day, what kind of SH&%%# foods can I get my hands on to make me feel better…right now!”  Stress is a common cause of over or under-eating, neither of which will help you feel better or help you achieve the fitness goals you’ve set for your wedding.  Staying accountable to someone can help you make positive choices in even the most stressful situations.  Your trainer can also help you develop strategies to work through and prevent nutritional self-sabotage.

#5   Become Radiant!  Regular sweat sessions can promote healthy and glowing skin!  Spending time becoming the best version of yourself can also give you a confidence that no amount of makeup or hairstyling can match.  Don’t be the center of attention just because you’re the bride.  Be the center of attention because your guests are drawn into your presence and can’t get enough of your inner and outer GLOW!  However, I have yet to meet a bride that goes without hairstyling or makeup for their big day.  I recommend Mollie Kae for on-site beauty needs.

#6   With HONEYMOONS come SWIMSUITS and LINGERIE…which can often lead to other fun things!  Your man thinks you look sexy in anything; even sweats, no makeup and wet hair (that’s part of what makes him so great)!  But you will blow his mind when you bring your new level of self-confidence to the bedroom.  THIS is when you’ll be your SEXIEST!  Not when you get to goal weight, not when you’ve successfully thinned your thighs or firmed your butt.  When you FEEL amazing in your own skin, he won’t be able to keep his hands off of you!  You have been warned.  Book an amazing honeymoon with Suzie here.

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