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Your trainer will give you practical steps toward eating better, being more active and finding time for fitness in your busy lifestyle. Accountability to your trainer is the cornerstone of making these changes last a lifetime.

Work one-on-one with your trainer or train with your spouse for added accountability and fun! Create an environment in your home that encourages better health and more activity for the whole family.

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What you can expect from our free personal training consultation:

  • A full review of your health history, current fitness and nutrition habits.
  • A tailor-made workout you can replicate and is specifically designed for your short and long term goals.
  • Weekly action steps that will point you toward your goals.
  • Overview of methods that will help you find success and any programs we offer that will meet those needs.
  • Referral to additional professional services that will be beneficial (chiropractic, yoga, massage, physical therapy, lifestyle coaching, personal development, nutrition therapy, etc.)


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Do you have a designated workout area in your home, or just a little space in the basement, living room or office? Do you have a fancy or not-so-fancy gym in your condo, apartment or office building? Do you know you want to get consistent with workouts but not sure where or how exactly?

Take full advantage of the space and equipment available to you.

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