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Tag: meal prep

Quinoa Salad with Mango and Avocado

A Summer Tasting Delight! This tasty treat has a few extra steps than many of our other recipes. However, it is a wonderful, healthy dish that is scrumptious enough to make it worth the effort! With a unique dressing and combination of ingredients, this salad is on my short list to take to the next […]

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Freezer Prep: Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

When it comes to the prep, keep it simple and remember that you’re just trying to have the fresh ingredients on hand for when you or someone in your house needs comfort food. VEGETABLES – dice and freeze Wash and dice carrots. I prefer to peel mine if they’re not organic. Tip: Small pieces make […]

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Freezer Meatballs – Tasty protein from frozen to plate in 15 minutes

Quick, easy and perfect for all family sizes! I have many fast, healthy recipes in my repertoire, but this one stands out for its low effort preparation and the quantity that it yields. For 6 months I am able to grab a small bag of meatballs from the freezer to get me out of a […]

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Smoothies: Add some healthy sweetness to your life!

Did you know the more sugar you eat the more sugar your body craves? It is a vicious cycle! We hear all the time how difficult it is to eat less sugar, either when one is trying to lose weight or just trying to eat healthier. Things like being tired and eating sweets to give […]

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