• Google Review 2021

    I’ve been doing private pilates lessons with Kaethe (Urban Fitness instructor) for about 10 months. It’s made a huge difference in my life by releasing body tension and the stress that comes with it. I didn’t realize how much tension I held in my body until working with Kaethe. She has an incredible eye. She’s great at identifying where you are tensing and guiding you to relax and perform the exercise with proper technique. If you’re considering pilates, I’d recommend trying with Kaethe. – Tyler L.

  • Google Review 2020

    Incredible knowledge and a very supportive staff. They have been able to work around some serious injuries while letting me actually work out and feel great about myself again. My bad back and neck issues are no longer limiting my activities and I’m able to not only play with my son but also have been able to get back into activities I used to love. Thank you. – Casey L.

  • Handwritten Review 2019

    Dear Addie, Thank you for being The Best Trainer I have ever had! You go way beyond expectations in your service and I have benefitted so much from your coaching, encouragement, prayer, and psycho-therapy. I feel like I am improving over-all and my P.T. also thinks that you have moved me into a more positive place where I now need to become more personally motivated/responsible. Please use my phone # or address as freely as you like to speak to potential clients!

    Blessings – Kathy

  • Email Review 2018

    Addie; I just finished my first at home self directed exercise session…..ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??????  Well, 45 minutes have passed now….I am feeling much better, actually great..must be the endorphins kicking in or maybe I’m just happy and proud of myself for finally doing something good for myself.  Next session will be the day after tomorrow.  Thank you for being as good as you are at what you do.


  • Email Review 2019 - Alignment Work

    The Back Alignment Workshop helped me to identify where my alignment issues were. Addie and Kaethe helped me make the adjustments to correct my posture (hips, abdomen, shoulders, head, etc. whew! A lot to think about). Now after working on it and retraining my body, the pains caused by mis-alignment have drastically diminished. I still have work to do, under Kaethe’s guidance, in order to make it a habit. I feel positive improvements; I feel taller and look more confident!

    – Sue

  • Email Review 2019 - Alignment Work

    Don’t underestimate the value of the alignment workshop. It’s rather surprising to find out how small adjustments can really impact how your body moves and feels. In my own experience, I’ve found I stand up straighter and I am working hard to strengthen parts of my body that I always thought hurt because they were suffering or prone to overuse injury and, with alignment help, are showing signs of strengthening and reduction in discomfortGreat resource for overall health improvement! – Carolyn

Gain Strength and Reduce Pain

Paula regularly experiences back pain that extends into her leg. As a massage therapist, she knew that developing a strong core could provide some relief. Incorporating props and pilates exercises to her routine, her trainer progresses her movements to gain strength and reduce pain.

Getting You to the Next Step

After successfully losing some weight on her own, Lisa sought our expertise to break through a plateau. She’s enjoyed additional progress after adding effective strength training and continually improving her food choices.

Wedding-Day Ready

With her wedding in mind, Alison and her trainer focused on fitness to look her best on the big day! Today she continues to work hard but with a new dedication to sustainability and a life-long approach to fitness and nutrition.

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