Are you wanting to be proactive in the aging process and exercise safely?

Are you trying to fit exercise into a busy family and work life?

Are you coming back to exercise after an injury or surgery?

Are you looking for simple strategies to help you eat better all week long?

Are you just wanting to improve your posture and alignment?

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What We Teach

Together we will find practical steps toward eating better, being more active and finding time for fitness in your busy lifestyle.

Let’s find a path to better, sustainable fitness and healthy eating that suits you!


Pilates is a full-body workout meant to strengthen the whole body, small and large muscles alike, as well as improve flexibility and mobility throughout the body. We teach mat Pilates, a low impact workout, which can be done with just your own body weight or with props such as a small ball or theraband.


Confidence is key when approaching a piece of strength training equipment at the gym or using free weights at home. We help clients understand overarching concepts about form beginning with control of their own body in order to build strength and endurance safely.

Balance Training

Whether it’s an everyday task like standing while putting on socks or a beloved hobby that’s more complex like bicycling, good balance is key. Strengthening, better alignment and practice help our clients improve their balance.


Stretching isn’t the only way to improve the elasticity of muscles. Our flexibility training includes improving strength, mobility and alignment.

Proactive Aging

It’s never too late, or too early, to begin a fitness program. We help all our clients create fitness programs that are safe and help them keep up with the things and people they love by becoming stronger, more flexible and more mobile as they age.


Physical alignment is all about the placement of the bones of the body and their relationship to each other. We help clients do more than just improve their posture, we help them feel more balanced and move more easily by bringing awareness to misalignments and teaching corrective exercises.

Injury Recovery and Prevention

A balanced training program promotes flexibility, strength and good alignment which helps prevent injuries. When an injury has occurred, we help clients return to exercise safely by teaching exercises built around what our clients’ bodies need at that time and by giving corrections to help them get the most out of each exercise.


The range of motion of your joints or the ability of your joints and bones to move impact mobility. We help clients move more easily by incorporating mobility exercises into our training programs.

Healthy Habit Development

Changing behaviors to implement positive change is no easy task and has no quick fixes. We help clients build healthier habits by implementing small but powerful systems and reinforcing positive behaviors, big and small.

Core Stabilization and Strength

Building a core that is strong from the inside out can relieve tension, restore stability and improve movement. We help clients evenly strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, shoulders and pelvis which leads to better balance and reduced back pain among other, countless, benefits.

Lengthened v. Shortened Muscle Engagement

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, who is always reaching to the outermost points of his circle, lends a helping hand in teaching this complex principle. We help clients practice exercises with length in each joint and muscle, leading to improved mobility, muscle function and the appearance of longer and leaner muscles.

A Practical Approach to Better Nutrition

The motivators behind the choices we make around food, such as optimal nutrition, easy implementation, budget, specialized diets, allergies, family meal planning, taste and texture, are as individual as our clients themselves. We work with clients to find strategies that encourage healthy choices that can realistically be applied to their lives.

Cardiovascular Fitness

It is widely recommended to engage in 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week to improve the function of your heart, lungs and other muscles. We help clients find ways to incorporate cardio in ways that works for them and promotes confidence in daily activities that require efficient oxygen usage.

Cardio – Find a mode you enjoy for big benefits long term

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