Hear what our clients have to say…

With her wedding in mind, Alison and her trainer focused on fitness to look her best on the big day! Today she continues to work hard but with a new dedication to sustainability and a life-long approach to fitness and nutrition.

After successfully losing some weight on her own, Lisa sought our expertise to break through a plateau. She’s enjoyed additional progress after adding effective strength training and continually improving her food choices.

Paula regularly experiences back pain that extends into her leg. As a massage therapist, she knew that developing a strong core could provide some relief. Incorporating props and pilates exercises to her routine, her trainer progresses her movements to gain strength and reduce pain.

Amy and Chris originally enlisted help from their trainer to begin working out together. They also found it helpful to stay accountable to someone outside of their relationship. After their daughter was born, they’ve refocused on a short and sweet workout program that meets their needs as new parents.