Bridges with Feet on a Bench or Chair

by Addie Kelzer

Work those glutes and hamstings with a little extra umph!

These variations, with your feet on a wall or chair, add a little extra challenge to your bridges! You can do these with a straight back or a rolling spine, but, if you haven’t tried them before, our Pilates instructor recommends starting with the rolling version. One extra thing to remember, just like with your normal bridges, there should be no tension in your neck, shoulders or chest. All the work should be in the back of your body (hamstrings, glutes, and back muscles), except of course for your abs, which are always working!


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Addie Kelzer is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She believes that by making fitness and good food practical, her clients will hold the power to positively change their health and the health of those closest to them.


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