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Category: Resources

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is a necessary part of any functional workout! Injury prevention is important because, at best, injuries are no fun. They disrupt our lives and leave us in miserable pain; and one injury often leads to more injuries. Besides the physical pain, injuries can increase or cause depression or other mental health issues. Therefore, […]

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Core Stability and Strength

Core activation, or core work, is one of the most important aspects of any healthy workout routine! Our body is connected throughout, in ways most of us never consider. Imagine your body is a network of trains. We have many train stations and a few main depots, but the trains run through our entire body […]

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Alignment Workshop 11-10-18

Join us for a free workshop November 10, 2018 Stop in for individualized posture rehab beginning on the hour and half hour. Call with questions. See you there!                                                     Want […]

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Relieve stress: Take your workout to greener spaces

When you step out into greener spaces, doesn’t it just feel sooooo goooooood?! Researchers are backing up these feelings with findings that green spaces benefit us in many ways. I encourage you to read the full article on that summarizes the research. In the meantime, here are some distinct benefits outlined in the article by author Shirley Archer, […]

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Calf Raises to prevent ankle injury and involve leg and pelvis muscles

Keep ankles strong, improve balance and help prevent injury! Calf Raises (Heel Raises, Eleves…) can help prevent ankle injuries when done correctly. But did you know that they not only work the ankle and calf muscles but also the hamstrings, low glutes, pelvic floor and feet muscles? Strengthening these ankle and leg muscles isn’t just […]

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Resource Share! Meal Prep in St. Paul + 5 Daily Moments to Make Better Decisions for Your Health

Awesome ideas are always coming into our wheelhouse via clients and other professionals! In an attempt to share these great resources rather than letting them stop with us, you can expect regular blog postings about them. Look for the Resource Share! heading. Feb 24, 2018  – vegetarian meal prep workshop in St. Paul Here are […]

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