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Tag: leg day exercises

Stability Ball Hamstring Curls

Let me start by saying that if you drop your hips during this exercise, it will be way less effective. More on that later, but first let’s talk about the setup. One rule of biomechanics is that the longer the lever, the more difficult the exercise. A great example of this is that pushups from […]

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Inner Thigh Lifts

Strengthen your inner thighs with this low impact exercise! This exercise is excellent at building inner thigh strength. Inner thigh strength is essential for keeping the head of the femur in the hip socket. It is also very helpful if you are twisted one way or the other in the hips to help stabilize your […]

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Bridges with Stability Ball

Work your hamstrings and glutes with this challenging bridge variation! Bridges are known for activating and working glutes, but this version has a stabilization and hamstring component as well. By placing your feet on the stability ball, you’ll notice having to stabilize the ball right to left as you bridge up and come down. Your […]

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Single Leg Kicks on Stomach

Build long and lean hamstrings with this great, isolating exercise! This exercise is great for helping to build hamstring strength while lengthening the front of your quad and hip. Key points to remember are: Hold your low abs and pelvic floor in and up. Press the front of your pubic bone into the floor. This […]

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Rotated Standing Hamstring Stretch

This stretch goes anywhere and will help you move easier! Contrary to what I said in the beginning, this is a STRETCH, not an EXERCISE! We show 3 variations of this Hamstring stretch to help you get all angles of a muscles group that’s commonly tight! 1) Toe pointed up toward the ceiling (middle) 2) […]

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Exercise while Multitasking – Lateral Stepping

You can do it all! Easy, and mostly mindless (don’t forget to hold your abs)! The only mindful part is remembering to do it! It really is that easy!     Want more ways to work fitness around your life? Schedule your free 90 minute consultation. Addie Kelzer is a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She […]

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Standing Hamstring Curls

Work your hamstrings without taking time out of your busy schedule! This exercise is perfect for busy people because you can fit this into your life when you are already standing: when you are cooking, waiting in line, brushing your teeth, etc. To prep for this exercise, engage your low abs, by pulling them into […]

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Women laughing while one does side plank and the other teaches

Side Elbow Plank Plus Inner Thigh

This side plank with inner thigh variation strengthens your shoulders, obliques, abs, and inner thighs! Working the inner thigh with no equipment takes a little creativity! Luckily, we know a some great exercises that do just that! The side plank with inner thigh variation is intermediate to advanced in level, so having a good foundation […]

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Backward Walking Lunges

The only thing scary about these lunges is that you can’t see where you’re going! Add these I to your regular workout program especially if you do forward walking lunges or stationary lunges. This backward variety requires a stronger push from the glute and high hamstring of the forward leg. Want to know which pushup […]

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