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Category: Cardio

Cardio – Find a mode you enjoy for big benefits long term

The long list of benefits for those who regularly engage in aerobic, or cardio exercise, sounds too good to be true! It reads like a ‘magic pill’ nutritional supplement pitch that promises to make us abundantly healthy, improving everything from skin and sexual health to weight loss, mood boosts and longer lifespans! However, one key […]

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Treadmill Interval – Alternating Lunges and Steep Climb

This intermediate/advanced cardio interval does double duty with leg strengthening and cardio.  Warmup: 3%, 6.0 mph, 5 minutes Speed Incline Time Lunge 1.5 1 60 sec Rest 3.5 1 60 sec Climb 3.5 11-13% 60 sec Rest 3.5 1.0 60 sec Lunge 1.5 1.0 60 sec Rest 3.2 1.0 60 sec Climb 3.2 12-14% 60 […]

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Bodyweight Intervals – No Equipment Needed

This mix of exercises makes for a great cardio workout and strength training using nothing but your own body weight! This interval incorporates complete rest. Warmup: Jumping Jacks, Walking Lunges, Inchworm (3x 30 sec each) Time Lunge Jumps 45 sec Rest 45 sec Pushups 45 sec Rest 45 sec Side Plank (Do both sides) 45 sec Rest 45 sec Groiners 45 sec Rest 45 sec Double Leg or Single Leg […]

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Cardio Interval – 3 Hills. Playing Around with Incline and Speed

Try this great intermediate cardio workout! The advantage of a treadmill: you can get that extra push regardless of the weather! This interval uses active rest.   Warmup: 0%, 5.0 mph, 5 minutes Hill #1 Speed Incline Time Work 6.5 0.0 90 sec Rest 3.5 0.0 90 sec Work 7.0 0.0 90 sec Rest 3.5 […]

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Beginner Treadmill Workout 1

Short on time? Get more calorie burn from your cardio work out by doing intervals rather than a steady pace workout. What is a Cardio Interval? Cardio intervals are periods of intense work, alternated with sufficient rest. Rest can be either complete rest or active rest, like walking. Intervals start at a 1:3 work/rest ratio […]

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Alignment Workshop 11-10-18

Join us for a free workshop November 10, 2018 Stop in for individualized posture rehab beginning on the hour and half hour. Call with questions. See you there!                                                     Want […]

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Relieve stress: Take your workout to greener spaces

When you step out into greener spaces, doesn’t it just feel sooooo goooooood?! Researchers are backing up these feelings with findings that green spaces benefit us in many ways. I encourage you to read the full article on that summarizes the research. In the meantime, here are some distinct benefits outlined in the article by author Shirley Archer, […]

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New Tool: text & email workout builder with pictures

New to Urban Fitness this month is our workout builder tool: HEP2Go (Home Exercise Program, shareable)! We couldn’t be more excited about having this tool to assist our clients better on solo workouts between sessions. Many people benefit from having a full explanation and photos of each movement, something that has been time consuming and difficult […]

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Fall Fitness Challenge!

Click the link below to see how you can get started with daily fitness! Do-anywhere exercises with versions for most fitness levels. November workout includes Back or Reverse Lunges as well as Tricep Pushup (all levels). View Calendar: November Challenge calendar   Have fun, be well!  ~Addie

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