See what it’s like to train in your own home – WCCO TV Spotlight

by Addie Kelzer

WCCO recently featured us on their “Get Movin’ Monday” series (9/22/14).  We were excited to be interviewed about our in-home workouts on the first day of fall!  In the Twin Cities, we are still enjoying sunshine and a crisp breeze while we can, but it’s only a matter of time before our formal workouts move indoors and our informal workouts include lots of snow shoveling!

Get Movin' Monday WCCO

In-home training and accountability...knock knock







Most people can picture what their workout will be like inside a gym or fitness class or even outdoors. They’ve typically visited a facility or glanced inside as they walk past.  In-home training, however, is behind closed doors and it can be hard to visualize what that can look like.  Part of the beauty of in-home training is that it is just that, private.

Our client, Lisa, was kind enough to let one of her private workouts become public! Kim Johnson reported our story and Bob caught great footage in our small space, the basement of her 1930’s Richfield home.  Lisa also let us show what the tricep measurement of her regular body fat pinch testing looks like, an extremely useful tool in reinforcing positive change.

Lisa - Testimonial

Lisa exercise







Lisa showed us examples of a few moves that she has shown great improvements with including wallsit and variations of boat pose.  Kim joined in to feel the burn! Thanks to Lisa, Kim, Bob, WCCO and all our supporters for helping to share the awesome-ness of training in your own home!


Check out the full video here


Addie Kelzer interview







I love to share my business and my passion with others!

In good health, Addie


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