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Tag: easy stretches

Hip Flexor Stretches for All Levels

From office worker to ballerina, we all need to stretch our hip flexors! Hip flexors like to work, so they tend to get tight. Tight hip flexors don’t only cause pain in your hips, they can also cause pain in your back and effect your quads (which, in turn, pull on your knees).  Also, because […]

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Overhead Shoulder Stretch with Theraband or Towel

Got neck, shoulder pain or stiffness or a rounded upper spine? This stretch is great! We sit so hunched over (especially now with things like computers and smart phones), that the muscles in the front of our shoulders and chest get tight which restricts our arm and shoulder mobility. This stretch is an easy way […]

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Ankle Crossed Side and IT Band Stretch

Did you know the whole side of your body also needs to be stretched?! When we stretch, we typically think neck and shoulders or calves and hamstrings, maybe quads and hips, but how often do we think about really stretching the side of our body? Everything is connected and stretching the side of your body […]

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Calf Stretch: Toes Up Wall

Do you stretch your calves but still find that they, or your ankles, feel tight? You stretch your calves after running or walking, but do you get both the gastrocnemius AND the soleus? We find that most people know stretches to get their gastroc, feeling it high in the calf. This muscle crosses the knee […]

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