4 Week Focused Nutrition Program

by Addie Kelzer

Our 4 Week Focused Nutrition Program “doesn’t feel like a diet. It feels like actual lifestyle change”.  It’s what our clients continually say and what every personal trainer and nutrition coach wants to hear!  We want you to make REAL LASTING CHANGE and be EMPOWERED to make good decisions for your health and the health of your family.  Structured to maximize accountability, you and your trainer will connect every 3-4 days to ensure you stay focused, informed and hungry for more!

Over a 4 week period, you’ll participate in the following:

(1) 60 minute in-person meeting complete with before measurements

(6) 30 minute phone meetings (usually best to be at a computer for information sharing)

(1) 60 minute in-person meeting complete with after measurements

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Want to know more?  Read on to find out what you can expect from our Nutrition Only Coaching Package:

Week 1

  • FIRST SESSION – In person meeting to gather information about your eating habits, lifestyle, and what you want to accomplish through better nutrition.
  • Measurements (both in skinfold pinches as well as tape measurements if needed) are combined with weight, height and age to calculate current body composition (body fat %).
  • Goal setting for the program and week 1.
  • Where to start? Determining what changes will make the biggest impact toward your goals.
  • Begin initial food log (will continue to use as needed).
  • (1) Phone call meeting (30 minutes) to review first 3-4 days or dietary changes, continuing education piece.
  • EXAMPLE: Client is a 40 year old working mom who wants to lose 30 pounds of body fat.  She and her husband share the cooking responsibilities and typically prepare simple foods each evening that go over well with their 3 kids.  She brings her lunch to work with her most days but often finds herself in the cafeteria looking for something more appetizing.  She works out several days per week, right after work, and isn’t sure how to eat before or after an evening workout.  From her initial food log, it is clear that she sometimes skips breakfast, prefers simple-carb snacks and often goes more than 7 hours between lunch and dinner.  Her initial improvements include eating breakfast daily and collaborating on a menu plan/grocery list for the following week.

Week 2

  • (2) Phone call meetings to review most recent changes, continuing education piece.
  • Client is finding that on days she eats breakfast she gets hungry before lunch.   One of her new weekly goals will be to implement a small snack mid-morning.  In order to help her make good snack choices, her trainer sends her a list of healthy snacks for them to review during their next phone call and chosen items will make it onto her grocery list for the following week.  They’ll also address the issue of what to eat before/after a workout by using some of the same foods.  To ease her worries about ADDING food during her day, trainer calculates out her daily calories and protein, carb, fat requirements  for her to work toward daily goals while tracking her foods.

Week 3

  • (2) Phone call meetings to review most recent changes, continuing education piece.
  • Client is finding it easy to implement the above changes and is feeling less bloated.  All changes thus far feel like they fit into her week and she’s ready for new material!  Her trainer calculates some averages from her food log over the previous weeks to find she’s often high in sugar and low in  protein.  They look together to find sugar culprits that she feels like she can reduce or eliminate.  Her trainer also sends her a list of high-protein foods from which she picks her family’s favorites.  With these protein options in mind, her weekly task is to find and try a few recipes that include the chosen proteins, pass the kid-test AND can be prepared quickly  in the evening or ahead of time.

Week 4

  • (1) Phone call meeting (30 minutes) to review most recent changes, continuing education piece.
  • LAST SESSION – In person meeting (60 minutes) to take final measurements and discuss progress and continued growth.
  • Client has questions about specific products she has seen/picked up at the store.  Most of these products are carbohydrate based so they discuss advantages of complex carbohydrates over simple, how to identify each and ideas for more nutrient-dense replacements in their favorite meals.  

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