Actions speak louder…

by Addie Kelzer

Our clients Amy and Chris have returned to training after the birth of their first child!  Whenever a client experiences time away from their fitness goals or has a life changing event (like a baby), it’s useful to revisit goals and the plan of action! Amy expressed how she’s feeling motivated and “wants to keep a regular routine always to be an example {to their daughter}”.

Wanting to instill healthy values on their children is a common thread amongst our clients.  I told her a story that our other client, Lori, had shared with me earlier that week.

Lori was in the middle of one of her workouts, and a little out of breath, when her daughter came down to the basement.  Her daughter is 14 years old and they had the following conversation.

Daughter – “Mom, are you okay?”
Lori – “Yes, why?”
Her daughter chuckles and Lori asks why she is giggling.
Daughter – “I’m just proud of you.”

It’s often rare to have the teenager of the household express such clear feelings, but lucky for us she verbalized the impact Lori’s own workouts were having on her!  We can talk about treating our bodies better but it’s only what we do that makes any impact.  The same goes for being role models to our kids.  What we do and the consistent choices they see us make, speak over our words.

Was health and fitness important to your parents? Would your kids say that it is important to you?  Do you think it will be important to them?



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