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Tag: leg stretches

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Standing Hamstring Stretch – Reduce Back Pain by Stretching the back of the leg This hamstring stretch is perfect for all levels of flexibility and is generally easier to get into position than a similar stretch lying on your back. It’s easy to work into everyday life like…NOW! Stand up behind your chair as you […]

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Outer Thigh and Hip Stretch – seated butterfly with heels away

Butterfly stretch for the inner thighs, which we’ve featured in a video previously, is a common stretch. This outer thigh version, where we move your feet farther away, isn’t as common but a great compliment. They’re both done in the same position, seated on the floor with the soles of your feet together and your […]

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Inner Thigh Stretch – Seated Butterfly with Heels Close

This inner thigh stretch is common and for good reason. It’s easy to get into as long as you’re able to get down on the floor and is a perfect stretch to multitask with something one the floor like reading a book or watching a video on your tablet! In order to get those best […]

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Legs up the Wall Stretch

Relax while you stretch your hamstrings, inner thighs and back! This stretch is a fantastic way to work on your flexibility while relaxing (or chatting on the phone to your loved ones). All you need is bit of wall that is wide and tall enough for your legs to fit up and open on. This […]

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Rotated Standing Hamstring Stretch

This stretch goes anywhere and will help you move easier! Contrary to what I said in the beginning, this is a STRETCH, not an EXERCISE! We show 3 variations of this Hamstring stretch to help you get all angles of a muscles group that’s commonly tight! 1) Toe pointed up toward the ceiling (middle) 2) […]

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Calf Stretch: Toes Up Wall

Do you stretch your calves but still find that they, or your ankles, feel tight? You stretch your calves after running or walking, but do you get both the gastrocnemius AND the soleus? We find that most people know stretches to get their gastroc, feeling it high in the calf. This muscle crosses the knee […]

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Seated Quad and Hip Flexor Stretch

Great for doing while watching tv! This stretch is great! Easy, multi-purposed, and relaxing, it gets your quads and your hip flexor without much effort from you. Tip: if you start to feel it in you low back, pull your low abs in toward your spine. Also you may feel it more in your hip […]

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In-Home 20 Minute Workout

Our last four mini workouts have been combined so you can follow along for a 20-30 minute workout that works your arms, back, legs, and abs plus finishes with a stretch! Make sure to pause the video where you need more time to finish the amount of reps you want or to do the second […]

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Leg Stretches with a Band

Hamstrings are only a part of this all inclusive AMAZING set of leg stretches! This stretch series is a client favorite!¬†Stretching your hamstrings after working out (or just after working) is super important. However, the lateral and medial leg muscles also need some stretching. This stretch gets the entire back and both sides of the […]

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