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Tag: relaxing stretches

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Standing Hamstring Stretch – Reduce Back Pain by Stretching the back of the leg This hamstring stretch is perfect for all levels of flexibility and is generally easier to get into position than a similar stretch lying on your back. It’s easy to work into everyday life like…NOW! Stand up behind your chair as you […]

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Inner Thigh Stretch – Seated Butterfly with Heels Close

This inner thigh stretch is common and for good reason. It’s easy to get into as long as you’re able to get down on the floor and is a perfect stretch to multitask with something one the floor like reading a book or watching a video on your tablet! In order to get those best […]

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Legs up the Wall Stretch

Relax while you stretch your hamstrings, inner thighs and back! This stretch is a fantastic way to work on your flexibility while relaxing (or chatting on the phone to your loved ones). All you need is bit of wall that is wide and tall enough for your legs to fit up and open on. This […]

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Follow Along: Breathing Exercise

Relax! Just breathe! Follow along for this relaxing set of breathing exercises that will help you learn to control your breath and relax tight back muscles! These exercises are used by Pilates instructors to help clients understand how they breathe and how to control their breath. In addition, our Pilates instructor uses them to help […]

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Shoulder Stretch on Roller

Relax and open your chest and shoulders! This stretch is a client favorite because it is so relaxing! A few important things to remember to get the most out of this stretch: Hold your abs by pulling them into your spine. Keep your whole spine pressed into the roller. Relax your sternum. Place your arms at […]

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Back Stretch – Forward Fold with Bent Knees

Stretch your back sitting or standing! (and get a hamstring bonus) This stretch is great because you can make it a back stretch by bending your knees, or a hamstring stretch by keeping your knees straight. If you go to a yoga class, this stretch is often done with both straight and bent knees in […]

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Back Stretch on Yoga/Stability Ball

Get ready to RELAX into this gentle back stretch. Pull the stability ball up against the front of your thighs before allowing your spine to flex forward, laying your torso completely over the top of the ball. If your back is noticeably tight, you may have trouble relaxing into this stretch and you may notice […]

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Hip Flexor Stretches for All Levels

From office worker to ballerina, we all need to stretch our hip flexors! Hip flexors like to work, so they tend to get tight. Tight hip flexors don’t only cause pain in your hips, they can also cause pain in your back and effect your quads (which, in turn, pull on your knees).  Also, because […]

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Ankle Crossed Side and IT Band Stretch

Did you know the whole side of your body also needs to be stretched?! When we stretch, we typically think neck and shoulders or calves and hamstrings, maybe quads and hips, but how often do we think about really stretching the side of our body? Everything is connected and stretching the side of your body […]

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