Rock a Sleeveless Dress – Four Essential Exercises

by Addie Kelzer

A goal many of our clients have in common is to SCULPT AND TONE their ARMS!  You’ll only need a mat, a sturdy chair and a set of medium dumbbells to take advantage of these arm-shaping moves.  BONUS: Most of these moves are in plank so you’ll maximize your time by working core and arms simultaneously!

Side Plank + Shoulder Raise

rockasleeveless SIDE PLANK+SHLDR RAISE


Plank on your elbow with a DB in your top hand,

start by resting it on your hip. Raise the DB from

your hip to over your shoulder and back down.


*Make it harder: After every shoulder raise, bend

at the waist to tap your bottom hip on the floor

and back up.


Plank Pushups

rockasleeveless PLANK PUSHUP


Start in a plank on your hands, drop onto one

elbow and then the other, pause here in elbow

plank, then press up one hand at a time.



  Tricep Dips off a bench or chair

Rockasleeveless TRICEP DIPS


Sit on the edge of a chair with fingers pointing

forward, Lift your body off and lower in front of the

bench, elbows bend behind you as you lower toward

the floor and press up.


*Stay close to the bench to protect your shoulders.



Plank + Dumbbell Row

rockasleeveless DB ROW


Plank with each hand on a dumbbell. Focusing on

stability through the core, alternate pulling one

dumbbell up to your hip.


*Make it easier: Planking from your knees allows

you to practice stability. Make sure to keep hips

down, keeping your body in a straight line from

your knees to the top of your head.

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